Hi. I'm Blue-Maned_Hawk, and this is my webpage.

I'm an amateur (by which i mean it's not my job) programmer, mostly working in C. I sometimes write stuff and make other things, too.

I'm generally an analytical person, and i try to use rationality and reasoning when i can. I tend to be slow, thoughtful, and methodical when i work on things—or at least, that's how i'd like to view myself. I'm an optimistic nihilist, from which i extrapolate all my other viewpoints on the world.

As a warning: Sometimes i can't be trusted. I've done some pretty terrible things, so you may not want to associate with me—or maybe that'll make you want to associate with me more. I dunno. Maybe you're weird.

In my spare time, i fear the current state of humanity and what we will become in the concerningly near future.

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Other stuff

Nothing at the moment, but i'll probably put stuff here when it can't go anywhere else.